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Who Loves Us

While it’s all fine and good to sing our own praises, what really counts is what our customers, real-life mums and grand-mums, have to say. We just wish the babes could offer up their two-cents as well! Below you’ll find a few of our favourite bits of flattery…

Bug & Pickle! Love the name…love the products more. The bum rash gel smells fantastic & hasn’t met a rash it can’t beat. My 11 month old son likes the colour & the bottle is one of his favourite ‘toys’ to play with during the dreaded diaper change! The belly cream is my favourite. It left my skin soft & smelling divine & gave me that added confidence to flash my growing tummy with pride. Oh…did I mention NO STRETCH MARKS!

Nicole Oliver
Actress & Will’s mummy

I just had to let you know that I use my Bug & Pickle products all the time and I love them! At first I used them only on my daughter (her dry skin loves the Baby Butter and her bottom loves the Diaper Gel) and then I discovered the benefits for myself. With my Bug & Pickle products in the diaper bag I can take care of my own dry skin, chapped lips and any type of skin irritation that may arise. We both look and smell beautiful! Thank you!

Kylie Goldsmith
Aesthetician & Sophia’s mummy

As every new baby dilemma emerges – diaper rash, cradle cap, teething – I turn to Bug & Pickle, and they never disapoint. Then there is the Baby Butter and Baby Lotion, which are post bathtime staples. When Madeleine sees the Teething Oil she gets very excited, we keep it in the fridge so it’s extra soothing, and it seems to really calm her down immediately.

Writer & Madeleine & Lucy’s mummy

Bug & Pickle’s Diaper Gel is a staple item that I have stashed everywhere: in the diaper bag, in the car, at playcare, at Grammy’s…you get the picture! I will never forget the time my family was vacationing at the lake and my son developed his worst diaper rash ever. I sent my husband into town to retrieve the Diaper Gel because I knew if we applied it that night the rash would be gone by morning…and it was!

Shyann Vosper
Full-time mummy to Kinsey & Mitchell

I first discovered Bug & Pickle products when I was helping my daughter prepare for her first baby. That was four years ago and now whenever I have a baby shower to attend these products are what I always bring as a gift.

Bonni Smith
Medical Technician & Grand-mum

As a first time mom, I received the Bug & Pickle Belly Cream as a gift and was told to apply it to my belly and bum two times a day. I diligently applied it to my belly, but neglected my bum thinking it was an odd place to get stretch marks. Lo and behold, my bum got stretch marks and my belly never got a single one. This stuff works and next time around I will slather the Belly Cream all over my belly and bum!

Jessica Windsor
Aidan’s Mum

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank-you for making a stretch mark preventer that actually worked! I’m a 33 year old new mom and I used your Bug & Pickle Belly Cream every day when I was pregnant. I managed to get through the entire 9 1/2 months (my son was 2 weeks late and kept growing bigger and bigger!) without a single mark! I’m usually prone to getting stretch marks so I know the cream made all the difference.

thank-you Bug and thank-you Pickle!
Tina Hodgson & Hayden

_I’ve been meaning to write this for a while but life with a reflux baby keeps me on my toes! :)

My daughter suffers from severe reflux and seemed to have all the tummy troubles that went with it. After a particularly trying evening where absolutely nothing would calm her down I laid her on the change table and pulled out your “Tummy Trouble” oil. ( I had picked it up during a pedicure at your shop, but had forgotten I had it) My husband was very skeptical as we had tried everything for months including standard gripe water. Our poor baby was screaming her little lungs out as I applied the oil in gentle clockwise motions. I kid you not, within 2 minutes her whole body relaxed, her wee head turned to the side, her eyes closed and she dropped into a deep sleep that carried on until morning. My husbands jaw hit the floor! It is our miracle cure and I can’t imagine being without it. My whole family thanks you! Oh and I also used your belly cream for my entire pregnancy and thanks to you I have no stretch marks. I couldn’t stop using the cream once my daughter was born either. I became positively addicted to it! And once I finish this email I am making another trip to the store to try out your teething oil. Thank you, thank you, thank you._

Sharon (Alexander) Gauld
Actor / Mum to Ella Rose

My name is Melanie and I shop at your store all the time. I was in a few weeks ago with my baby Preslie. I bought her the bug and pickle tummy trouble, and I had to email you just to let you know how much I appreciated all your help that day. This product you suggested and spoke so highly of does everything it says. Preslie loves it when her dad puts it on after her bath, and I don’t know whether it is coincidental or not, but she now sleeps through the night!! I have two other children and they never did this at such an early age. She also doesn’t seem to be as tense in the tummy region. I can’t thank you enough.

Preslie’s mum

Thanks for the great Hooter Hider product. It is wonderful being able to see my little guy,unlike my old canopy that I had to keep flipping up. I also wear it in the sun as it perfectly protects the baby. I don’t go anywhere without this and SOOOO many moms have approached me asking where I got it. It is such a great design and is so functional.

Amy Sarich

My Hooter Hider and my Belly Cream have become my ‘cannot live without them’ items! Having the Hooter Hider with me all the time helped alleviate the stress of breastfeeding my son in public, especially when I was new at it and slightly self concious. The best part is that we can both enjoy ourselves dining out…and the Hooter Hider keeps the crumbs from dropping on him! The Belly Cream was soothing on my belly (especially at 2 weeks overdue!) and it has worked WONDERS on my c-section scar. This really is a miracle considering I had complications healing initially and was left with a rather angry-looking scar. When my friend, who had just had a c-section as well, saw how amazing my scar looked she ran right out and bought some for herself!

Callan’s mum