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Baby Butter


Bug & Pickle’s rich and healing Baby Butter soothes those extra dry or irritated patches that can plague a baby’s tender, sensitive skin.

Why We Love It:

  • Essential oils of lavender, sweet orange and chamomile help to calm dry or irritated skin
  • Rich vegetable oils and beeswax nourish tender baby skin without irritation
  • Use on cheeks, lips, bottoms or anywhere flare ups happens
  • Effective against mild eczema


How to Use:

Gently warm a small amount of Baby Butter in your hands until it melts (just like butter!) and apply to chapped lips and cheeks or dry little knees or elbows. Mums find it multitasks well in a diaper bag as a lip balm and cuticle cream.

Note: Please be advised that this product will melt it if gets too warm, so don’t leave it in a hot car or close to a heat source.


  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No synthetic fragrance, colour or preservatives
  • Not tested on animals


I bought Baby Butter to combat dry patches on my son’s skin but I also ended up using it on his case of cradle cap and for lipbalm for me if I was in a pinch. When I was using it on his scalp everyone would always comment on his great baby scent – but really it was his great Bug & Pickle scent, so much better than the baby powder smell of disposable diapers!
Janet, Gabriel’s mum

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