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Tummy Trouble


A newborn’s digestive system may need a bit of help to keep working smoothly, which is where Bug & Pickle’s Tummy Trouble comes in. Combining essential oils of fennel and dill seed which historically been used to ease digestion it helps relieve baby’s fussing due to constipation or colic.

Why We Love It:

  • Essential oils of Dill Seed and Sweet Fennel help to ease gas and upset tummies
  • An externally applied alternative to gripe water
  • Works well when used preventatively prior to eating


How to Use:

Massage a few drops in a clockwise direction on baby’s tummy to soothe digestive complaints or colic.


  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No synthetic fragrance, colour or preservatives
  • Not tested on animals


"I’ve been meaning to write this for a while but life with a reflux baby keeps me on my toes! My daughter suffers from severe reflux and seemed to have all the tummy troubles that went with it. After a particularly trying evening where absolutely nothing would calm her down I laid her on the change table and pulled out your “Tummy Trouble” oil. My husband was very skeptical as we had tried everything for months including standard gripe water. Our poor baby was screaming her little lungs out as I applied the oil in gentle clockwise motions. I kid you not, within two minutes her whole body relaxed, her wee head turned to the side, her eyes closed and she dropped into a deep sleep that carried on until morning. My husband’s jaw hit the floor! It is our miracle cure and I can’t imagine being without it. My whole family thanks you!"
Sharon, Ella Rose’s mum

"Tummy Trouble has been a miracle worker! Helps our baby out with moving along gas and aids her to have a movement. We have recently discovered that she has reflux and have read a testimonial about it working for that. We have started applying it a bit higher on her abdomen to see of it helps. Also how often can tummy trouble be applied in a 24 hour period? Thank you for your products!!" - Suzanne Lebans

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  • Tummy Trouble