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About Us

While they have come a long way from their first business venture (selling corn from their wagon as little girls) sisters Kim (Bug) and Nicole (Pickle) did resurrect their childhood nicknames when it came time to label their range of body products created just for mums and babes.

The idea behind Bug & Pickle is that lotions and potions for new mums and   Kim and Nicole their little ones can combine practical uses (what parent hasn't battled diaper rash?) and wholesome ingredients (beeswax anyone?) with a sense of fun that makes using the products, or giving them as a gift, a real delight.

While the mum and babe products are a relatively new endeavour, Kim and Nicole are no strangers to the world of personal care. In 1997 the sisters opened Bloom Essentials Spa in Vancouver, Canada and they haven’t looked back since. With little business experience, but lots of moxie, Kim and Nicole have  created a unique and successful spa environment that constantly wins reader's choice awards in local newspapers.

After years spent dreaming of a Bug & Pickle launch, the sisters are tickled pink (or should that be pickled tink?) to finally have their lovely products on the market. They’re sure the mums and babes will be overjoyed as well!